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What Are The Signs of Mold In My Home?

If you're a resident of South Florida, you may be no stranger to mold infestation in your residence. Humid areas like here in Florida make it a great place to birth common but potentially dangerous, indoor air toxin to be aware of, mold. Mold (also called mildew) is sneaky and is often difficult to spot. It likes to hide in your kitchen, bathroom, A/C ductwork, shoes and other dark and damp places. Molds can even grow on clothes, toys, wood, paper, inside walls, under carpets and anywhere there is moisture and dirt.

professional mold removal

If the indoor air smells earthy or musty or if you can see mold or moisture damage, you probably have problems that need to be addressed.ook for pipes and other places that drip or leak, or where there is moisture. Areas that are often damp, humid or wet can be ideal breeding grounds for mold. If you discover leaks in your home, get them fixed by hiring our team of water damage and mold remediation specialists to dry the moist places.

What Causes Mold Growth?

Mold is common in some homes that have poor ventilation and lack air conditioning, but it is more likely to be the result of other contributing factors. Unvented bathrooms where moisture cannot escape after bathing or showering, plumbing (or roof) leaks that allow a wall area to become wet, and poor cleaning that leaves organic residue on surfaces all invite, or at least, encourage mold growth.

Symptoms Of Mold Sickness

How each of us responds to mold exposure depends on many factors:

  • Our sensitivity to mold
  • Our general health
  • The amount of mold
  • Length of exposure

Our Residential Mold Removal Process

We have the tools and the know-how to examine your living areas, diagnose the problem and take immediate steps to help remove the mold. In mold situations, we will remove the mold using EPA-registered products to clean surfaces like floors, countertops and walls. In more extensive mold situations, we will help eliminate the mold completely by cutting away the damp drywall, sanding the wood and replacing it if necessary.

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